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Robert performed the complete Fourth Symphony of Louis Vierne at Stanford Memorial Church on 6 May 2009. Here's the Finale:

Bach's Fantasia and Fugue in G minor, BWV 542 - Performed live at Stanford Memorial Church, 26 Sept 2008:

The final 10 minutes of Vierne's Symphonie VI, recorded live 13 June 2008 at Stanford Memorial Church:

Selections from Bach's Magnificat performed by Stanford University Singers, May 2008
Chorus - Magnificat
Aria - Quia fecit
Aria - Et misericordia
Chorus - Fecit potentiam
Aria - Esurientes
Suscepit Israel
Chorus - Sicut locutus
Chorus - Gloria

Excerpt from Robert's performance of Liszt's "Ad nos..." at First Congregational Church, Palo Alto, CA.
Robert Huw Morgan
Organist and Conductor
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